Emotional photographer according to  Image brief:
I had a bit of a surprise last week when Image Brief included me in its list of 10 Portrait Photographers To Stir The Emotions. There are some amazing photographers on the list from South Africa, USA and Austria so it’s a real honour to be included as one of them.

Portrait photographers always hope that their work does portray an emotion but it’s not something that I often think about when I’m on a shoot. You get so involved in thinking about lots of other more prosaic things – location, lighting, background, colours, camera, lens, is the subject relaxed, the client, focus, time constraints. What your images are depicting emotionally can get lost in the process.

The image that Image Brief selected to represent my work was a shot of Casey Taylor taken at Southampton Football Club for The Prince’s Trust on 17 February 2015. Casey has had a difficult background but now her life has totally turned round. She loved being the focus of attention on a shoot and was in her element at SFC. She has a slightly irreverent nature which I hope I brought out on these shots.

As well as the image of Casey, I’ve included what I think are my five most emotional images.


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