Just before Christmas as a little treat for my upcoming birthday I bought myself a Fuji X100T camera. One of the incentives for buying it was that over the new year we were going to Marrakech for some warmth, good lunches, mint tea and haggling in the souk. This little Fuji turned out to be a great travelling camera.

Over the last couple of years I have changed from using bulky Nikon cameras to almost exclusively being a Fuji user. I bought the original X100 in 2012 and although I like it, it’s a bit slow to use and while fun for ‘snaps’ I would never trust it on a job. As of 2014 I’m now submitting images to Offset photo library so I really wanted a camera that I could always have me and capable of shooting good enough images to sell. That was all the excuse I needed.

The X100T is an amazing little tool that is unobtrusive, focuses quickly and it looks really cool. One of the really smart things it does is to connect wirelessly to a tiny printer called an Instax and make Polaroid-like prints on the go. I’ve made a few prints for people and I’m always amazed at how much people like being given a print. Now I can give something instantly back to the people I photograph rather than just taking from them.

I have already used it as a second camera on a couple of shoots for Psychologies magazine and it does just as well for portrait photography as it does on the dusty streets of Marrakech.

Above are a few shots I took while in Morocco. No people pics as the locals are generally not that keen on having their photo being taken. And I was also on holiday so a good excuse to point my lens at some inanimate objects for once.


  1. Comment by Paul Groom

    Paul Groom January 19, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Wow! Is that first one a lampshade?

    • Comment by smalyon

      smalyon January 19, 2015 at 8:13 pm

      It is a lampshade in the entrance of the riad we stayed in. We bought a smaller version to create Marrakech in Bristol.

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