My most rewarding job

Last week were The Prince’s Trust’s Celebrate Success awards at the Odeon Leicester Square, London. These awards recognise 22 young people throughout the UK who have turned their lives around with help from the Trust. It’s my job to take a series of images that reflect their lives, from hardship to success. I also need to […]

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Brazil in a drawer

Back in 1986 my dad worked in Brazil for a couple of weeks. On a day off he did some sightseeing and while taking some pictures from a viewpoint over Rio he and about ten colleagues were mugged at gunpoint. He lost his camera and all the pictures he’d taken that day. He didn’t want […]

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Fuji X100T camera

Fuji X100T camera and Marrakech

Just before Christmas as a little treat for my upcoming birthday I bought myself a Fuji X100T camera. One of the incentives for buying it was that over the new year we were going to Marrakech for some warmth, good lunches, mint tea and haggling in the souk. This little Fuji turned out to be a […]

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Wendy Whelan Edward Weston Royal opera house

My best shots of 2014

This is what I reckon are my best shots of 2014. During the 12 months I travelled from Dartmoor in Devon to Peterhead in Aberdeenshire and this is what all the 1,000s of shutter clicks, flashes of light, miles on the motorways, 100s of cups of coffee, early alarm calls and hours in front of a Mac screen […]

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Artist of the year

This is Camilla Dowse, awarded the prestigious artist of the year 2014 for Artists & Illustrators magazine. And for her troubles she got a visit from me and my assistant Holly back in October. I photographed Camilla with a Fujifilm X-T1 camera. See Camilla’s work here

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Young, hip and damp

After a great summer in the UK autumn has arrived in the shape of damp weather. Still, must not let that get in the way of a shoot, particularly after cancelling it once when it really was lashing down. Since being signed up to Offset photo library earlier in 2014 I’ve been slowly adding to my […]

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golf course photography The Players club

Pics for Players

I don’t like green and maybe that’s why I’ve never been a keen landscape photographer. Sure I fire off a few when I’m on holiday but the thought of getting up early to get the best light on a green field puts me off.  Whichever the reason, landscapes don’t rock my world until… …The Players […]

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sophie stot singer singing in the rain

Singing in the rain

The path to stardom could involve a wet day in Bristol sheltering under a red umbrella and hanging out beside a 1960s concrete flyover while having your photo taken. That was the case for Sophie Stott recently. Sophie needed some promotional images to help her fledgling singing career. She liked the images on the lifestyle section of […]

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