Being a photographer is a great way to make a living but with any job there are always a couple of things that can take a little off the gloss. Number one for me is driving – I do far too much of it. Over the years I’ve got to know every inch of the M4 between Bristol and London as I crawl along it at walking pace.

The second thing is post-processing images. Looking deeply into an iMac screen for hour after hour while sorting out the white-balance, exposure, shadows, highlight and general tone of hundreds of images can get very boring, and it’s not good for your eyes or your back. So when Sleeklens got in contact asking me if I’d like to take a look at a new editing workflow with a promise that it would save me time, I was keen to have a play.

The Sleeklens workflow operates within Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to produce, sometimes subtle, sometimes extreme, adjustments to an image. This can be as simple as adding contrast or reducing reds but there are also an array of ‘all-in-one’ settings which have been named rather more creatively. Take for instance ‘Beach Glow’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Violet Mazes’ and ‘Glow Baby Glow’.

Most of the time all that is needed is a couple of clicks to create a subtle but noticeable effect. Sometimes only one click is needed. The images above of two cyclists on Pendleton Hill in Lancashire show what a wide array of looks can be achieved with just one or two clicks. Some work very well (my favourite with this image is ‘Crisp Dawn’), others would be better suited to a different type of image.

Find out more about the Sleeklens workflow here and the Lightroom presets here.


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